Disney Magic Band Technology is similar to your fitness tracker

Disney announced recently that they were going to release an interactive magic band to guests in 2022.   The interactive band gives customers added ability.

What is the Disney magic band?

In 2013, the Disney magic band was introduced. The magic band system improved the guest experience by reducing the number of lost tickets or eliminated the need for ticket replacement when they got wet.   The switch from paper-based tickets to credit card-like tickets is still used today. Has enhanced the experience and made the parks more efficient for both cast and guests in parks.

How does the technology work?

Radio Frequency technology (RF) in the magic band is found in credit cards, fitness trackers, and keyless car systems.    Disney’s RF system assigns a unique id to each magic band and an encrypted database to keep track of the information.  The newer version of the magic band use Near Field Communication (NFC), this technology allows you to have a touch entry for entering your room, paying for food, or interacting with exhibits throughout the Walt Disney World resort. NFC technology is abundant in our phones since it allows us to utilize Apple and Google Pay.

The software uses an encrypted database to allow the small antenna in the device to communicate with the corresponding device when you are near a room door or near a cash register.   The database is designed in such a way to not keep your information just transfer it to the corespondent payment system or the main ticket system used at the resort.

How do I get one?

There are two ways to get a magic band. 

You can purchase them on eBay, Amazon, or at any Disney store. Here is a popular place to purchase the bands.


When you stay on property they are given to each person in your party at check in to your room.

What is this interactive magic band going to do?

The interactive magic band will be responsive when you enter the parks. It will be able to change colors with the fireworks and understand your gestures. It is like when you get a Wand at Harry Potter World at Universal Studios when you interact with a part of the world, you are able to make something occur.

Disney seems to have upgraded this to make it more immersive in the stories that Disney tells with its characters and parks. The example that Disney posted was about being a bounty hunter in Star Wars Galaxy Edge at Hollywood studios and be a bounty hunter to go on missions.

We know they will add more interactive adventures as then introduce these in 2022.

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