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Headphones that fit.
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Block out the noise and don’t be left listening to your neighbor’s show for the flight. Headphones, which type? What are the differences?

Traveling is your time to relax, and it would be best to enjoy your music, movies, or television shows. Selecting the right headphones is a difficult decision, and I did extensive research seeking which would work for me, but I learned the difference in today’s wireless headphones. Three main types of headphones give you noise …

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What you need to know about Disney Interactive Magic Band 101

Disney Magic Band Technology is similar to your fitness tracker Disney announced recently that they were going to release an interactive magic band to guests in 2022.   The interactive band gives customers added ability. What is the Disney magic band? In 2013, the Disney magic band was introduced. The magic band system improved the guest …

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USB-C the new European Standard, No more spaghetti

We have exciting news. I read that the European Union is considering standardizing on USB-C for all mobile technology. That would be great news for all of us! Anybody who has a mobile device or a laptop that needs to be plugged in knows that the surge protector has become spaghetti. Different cables and connectors …