David - Owner of the business

Welcome to Innovative Travelers

Hi my name is David, 

I have extensively traveled the world on a budget since I was 22.   When I got my first full-time job.   My wife and I enjoy traveling so anytime we have off we are on the road going to some destination within the United States or around the globe.

I am a technology geek that has remembers the days when dial-up modems and AOL were the beginning of the technology revolution.   Today I have multiple smartphones and love the ability of what can be accomplished at your fingertips.

We realized from a young age that we couldn’t travel all the places we wanted to go and travel to 5-star resorts.   We decided that to have many adventures we would have to travel on a budget.   This has given us a sense of purpose and joy that not too many other experiences in life can give to a person.

We have been through the United States, Europe, Africa, Australia, and parts of Asia.   Our journeys haven’t always gone smoothly but we always enjoyed ourselves.   This site is dedicated to teaching you how to use technology and travel on a budget.  Sometimes we will share stories, sometimes products we like, and sometimes just advice on what’s new.

We hope you will learn some tips and steps that will enhance your journeys and technology purchases.   We can’t say we have gotten everything right but we will tell you what works for us over the last 20+ years.

Format of the blog

In today’s world we have a way too much information, our goal is to present our ideas in a shortened format with steps or tips that would make it easy to follow. Our backgrounds are in technology and education, which gives us a unique perspective on travel and tech that we hope to share with you.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or need help planning your next adventure. It’s always great to hear from our fellow travelers.