Headphones that fit.

Traveling is your time to relax, and it would be best to enjoy your music, movies, or television shows. Selecting the right headphones is a difficult decision, and I did extensive research seeking which would work for me, but I learned the difference in today’s wireless headphones.

Three main types of headphones give you noise canceling and are portable.

1. Ear Buds. These headphones go inside the ear canal, are convenient for exercise, and are barely visible—the college students like these since they can stay in their ears all day. Airpods allow you to speak through Siri to send texts or do google searches without ever picking up your phone.

Apple Airpods

2. On the ear. These are smaller, more nimble headphones and sit on top of the ear. Usually, they fold and have a bag/carrying case for storage. These on the ear stick out a little more since they don’t cover the ear but allow you to have a small footprint over the head, headphones without going so large that you look like a DJ in a Studio.

Over the ear Headphones
Over the Ear Headphones

3. Over the ear -These are the most prominent types of headphones on the market. Professionals in the recording studios use these to give them a clear sound and details necessary to hear the treble and bass. These are great for covering the whole ear and isolating the sound. The feature to block out the airplane engines give you a more comfortable travel experience. They can get bulky to wear, and sometimes they make you sweat more if you are in warm climates.

Budget Travel Tip:

I have found that purchasing last year’s model will save you lots of money since the manufacturers discount these to sell the new versions.

When you are selecting, which one works best for you, consider these three options:

  1. Battery life
  2. Noise Cancelling
  3. Bluetooth Compatibility.

The headphones that I tested are here.

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