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We have all been through Airport Security. Anytime you travel, we are constantly faced with a line to have them check your bags and ensure you are not carrying anything when you are going through security. Why does this matter? TSA found 4,495 airline passengers carrying a firearm onto a plane. (Article)

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is the governing body directed by the government to ensure the plans and airports are secure to avoid another 9/11 attack on the nation.

American’s are impatient

  • Travelers are impatient people; we don’t seem to sit down and read a book or relax to the day away.
  • We are constantly moving, so we don’t want to stand in line with people that seem to have not read the signs.
  • People slow the lines down because they don’t follow the rules.

What are the rules on what you may bring through Airport in my Carry-on Bag through security?

  • Passport,
  • Laptop, iPad, and Mobile Phone
  • Antlers (not sure why you would want to bring these)
  • Most Food is allowed (i.e., Baby Food, Bread, Sandwiches, Salads, Pizza, etc. )
  • Liquids less than 3.4oz or 100ml

What can’t you bring through airport security?

  • Drinks
  • Firearms or weapons
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • E-Lighters

Learn about only taking a carry-on for your trip. (

Going through TSA Airport security

Even with all these limitations, you still need to take your shoes off, take your belt off, take everything out of your pockets, and place everything in the X-Ray scanner. Emptying everything always bothers me; I know when I went through TSA security that I had the detector go off because there was something metal around my waist. I went through it twice, and it went off. Finally, they took me over to the side for a pat-down and wand metal scanner. I finally found that one of the metal fasteners in my pants was causing the machine to go off. I could have been upset and angry, but I have had to get comfortable with this, knowing that this is the price we have to pay if we want to be safe.

TSA Airport security could be worse

Things could always be worse. We meet a woman when we are traveling who said whenever she goes through TSA security, and it takes 3 hours. I said, Oh My God! Three hours, I may never want to fly again. Why does it take her so long? She said that her name is the exact name of a person on the TSA watch list for committing some crime, and every time she goes through security, they make her sit in a separate room while they verify her credentials. They have always been pleasant and apologized, but she said it happens whenever she and her husband fly.

The solution to beat this is to get TSA PreCheck? ( – link to TSA PreCheck) 

TSA PreCheck is the solution because you do a background check with the agent when you register for the account. The account will verify who you are and get all your appropriate information. By sharing this information, you can get accepted into the TSA PreCheck program, a more straightforward process of getting through security. We did this a few years ago and had our in-person interview; since then, going through security has been more of a pleasure than the hassle described above. We don’t need to take our shoes or belt off, and we need to put everything on the belt and remove metal from our pockets.I look forward to flying on an airplane again, without the worries of always being concerned about how long it would take to get to the plane.You will enjoy flying again too. Check out TSA PreCheck for your future travels.

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