A nice round on the reserve golf Orlando

It’s a great summer day and we decided to visit the Reserve at Orange Lake, in Orlando. The golf course is part of the Holiday Inn properties just off of 192 at the corner of rte 192 and highway 429 in Orlando.

When you booking you have to book through either their direct website or call for golfbook.com they don’t allow booking through golf now or any other consolidators that book around the area. We decided to book a teatime late last night and we chose 9:33am in the morning but we want to only do 9 holes, they had an option for a quick nine on the course. Did I mention how inexpensive the course was for the two of us with a cart was $68. Amazing budget travel deal!

The pro shop and check in

We arrived on time the pro shop was smooth and easy when we got to the starter he seemed a little distracted but had no problem with taking your ticket and getting everything together but it seemed like something I was definitely on his mind. Out of all the employees we interacted this they were all pleasant and courteous but missed that feel of being taken care of when you go to other courses in the area. For example we had to go back to bag drop with him to get our bags, they didn’t automatically take bags to the carts unless you asked.

We were curious if the golf cart would be similar to falcons fire where the cart doesn’t move unless you only push the gas half way down. That wasn’t what occurred with these golf carts. They took off and really allowed us to move across the course quickly and efficiently.

The 10th tee on the Reserve

The reserve is the middle range of three courses on the property. Their is cranes bend, a short 9 hole course that you can only use irons, the reserve a resort 18 hole course and the legends, a high end golf course with large fairways.

We played the back 9 of the Reserve at Orange Lake. The first hole was wide open, we didn’t see another sole in sight. It was amazing, the benefit of being in front of the players teeing up for 18 on the first hole.

Sign from the Reserve 12th tee

12th green is surrounded by water , here is a picture of the water with trees growing on the side.

The 12th green at the reserve in Orlando

The greens at The reserve at orange Lake

The fairways are well manicured , but it was all a wet from a recent rain. The moist grass definitely effected any drives on the ball. Once the ball landed it got stuck in the ground. The fairways are narrow at different sections due to the resort units on either side. You need to be accurate with your shots or you might hit someone on their patio.

The greens were perfect, not to fast and accurate. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to see the breaks, then the ball seemed very predictable all day. I like these types of greens that are more forgiving, there has been to many times when I play fast greens, the ball seems to have a mind of their own always going towards the hole.

NOTE: The par 3 holes were a challenge since they had water in front but as long as you pop it up, the carry will get you over the ponds.    I loss a few balls but that was all because I wasn’t paying attention.

There is no cart person or specific bathrooms, usually you can stop by one of the pools to use the facilities. 

Final Thoughts on the course

The whole course is  around a preserve where many wild life from cranes, turtles and alligators where all around.  This was beautiful working into the scenery even with all the condos around the course. A nice resort style course.

  I would definitely play there again.  

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