Packing made simple.

Packing can be a challenge when you’re going on your next trip. Think about how to pack to only take everything you need but with only using carry on luggage. Things have changed in the airline industry and now everything gets charged even with the major carriers. American and Delta United are all charging for checked bags, I’m not sure traveling for 4/5 week adventure you may not want skip large suitcase. The Budget Airlines charge for everything.

It used to be a easy to take your large luggage, I even have some large luggage in my attic. When my son was younger we would bring diapers, baby formula and wipes for every destination. I don’t know how I would travel now if I had to bring all that stuff. It gets really difficult when you’re bringing a young child because now with the airlines limiting large bags or charging for them it adds to the expense of the trip.

How do you work around large luggage to save money?

Plan out your needs

Consider how many days you’re going to be on your vacation. Determine what is the most important things I want to do on my trip. I then pack for your trip to ensure I have the things necessary to facilitate what I am doing. I focus on how many days I’m going to be away then look at where I’m staying along the route. If its a car trip and I’m on the road a whole bunch I may wear the same shirt and pants multiple days in a row.   This will allow me too bring less clothes and when I get to my design destination I could run a wash to ensure those clothes that I just wore are now clean.   

  • Plan out your outfits in advance. This is a great tip that allows you to know what you are wearing each day.
  • Mix and match colors that go together, its so easy to plan this if you think about this in advance.
Packing luggage tips is important when you want to take carry on only.
Carry on Luggage

Always do wash at your destination

People always tell me that its difficult to do a wash and takes away from your experience. Tip: Hotels/Motels will almost always have a service if you can’t find a laundry. Just ask, don’t default to google all the time

When you are washing your clothes, think about underwear, socks and tops first. These are worn the most and are top priority.

Finding a place to wash your clothes

Its Easy to find a laundry, We landed in Rome a couple of years ago, and we had only been traveling with carry-on luggage for over a week and we need to wash our clothes. We were in Rome for about four days, we asked the front desk where a local laundry that could assist us. They knew of a few in the area, their was a local professional cleaners similar to the US but he washes clothes and fold them for you locals.   I walked over to the shop, I asked them if I brought the clothes they did today how long it will take to wash the clothes. He was so nice and informed me it would be tier to drop them off tomorrow morning he could have it done by 1 o’clock in the afternoon which was perfect.   At that point I don’t care of the cost but it was 20 Euro’s for our 3 loads of wash. This was worked out great I drop the clothes off when he opened at 9:30 AM and by 1:00 PM they were folded and clean.    The extra cost for paying for washing was worth it to me because I didn’t have to carry another set of clothes for the rest of the trip.

Experience in Ireland with packing luggage

We had similar experience in Ireland where their was a local laundromat with tons of machines, but we preferred if they could wash and fold since we weren’t going to be around for the next few days. They definite were able to wash and fold but it would take a day. That worked for me since I planned to be sightseeing they next couple of days. We chose this place since it had late hours and we could pick up our clothes until 11pm. This helped a lot since I knew we wouldn’t be back in the hotel area until after dinner. We find the quality of the wash to only be alright since they aren’t using your same detergent from home but it’s perfect for you needs when you’re on the road. I know some of you may be weary about doing this trust me give it a minute and opportunity it really makes the amount of luggage you have to carry less.

Packing luggage by rolling and organize

Packing in this way requires innovative thinking with the type of clothes you take with you.  I am a pants, jeans, shorts and a golf shirt person.  This allows me to have alot of flexibiility for the outfits that I can put together.  

To ensure I can fit my clothes, I roll my shirts, shorts and underwear into small little packs. Here is a tutorial on how to roll your clothes.

  • Anything heavy that I am taking with me has to be worn.  If I am going want blue jeans on the trip I need to wear them.  Packing them can take away from your precious space in your bag.  The same is if you want a sweater or sweatshirt.  It may look strange that you have it tied around your waist but it works and can be easily thrown on top of your seat in the overhead bin for a flight.

Warm Climate packing (a week)

  • Two pairs of Shorts
  • Three shirts
  • Enough underwear for 6 days (anything more I will do a wash)
  • Four pairs of socks
  • One pair of shoes  (I have a comfortable pair of shoes I will wear it the whole trip.  It will look strange going into a fancy restaurant with sneakers but hey I am on vacation.)

Cold Climate packing (a week)

  • Wear a pair of Blue Jeans
  • Pack a pair of Khaki’s
  • Wear a sweatshirt around my waste or on the plane
  • Pack three mid weight shirts
  • Wear a jacket on the plane that I will through in the overhead bin
  • Enough underwear for 6 days (anything more I will do a wash)
  • Four pairs of socks and one wool socks
  • One pair of warm shoes that tie or hiking books.

Following these easy steps you will have a wonderful trip.

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