We have exciting news. I read that the European Union is considering standardizing on USB-C for all mobile technology. That would be great news for all of us!

Anybody who has a mobile device or a laptop that needs to be plugged in knows that the surge protector has become spaghetti. Different cables and connectors are the least you need to ensure your phone, earbuds, Bluetooth speaker, and laptop are charged. A few years ago most manufacturers made their plugs USB compatible. Now we have USB outlets all over but the phone connectors are all different. This is where USB-C discussion can change everything for the customers.

The spaghetti of cables always drives me up the wall when I’m trying to deal with which plug is available in the wall. I need to charge my son’s calculator or a digital camera and can’t figure out which cable is needed. Then of course if I know which one where do I find it? Don’t even get me started with the laptop cables, our PC needs one cable and the Apple machine needs another.

I was excited when I heard the announcement of the European Union looking at a USB-C standard for all devices I think that would be wonderful. We all would only have to worry about the amount of power coming out of my USB to charge my device. All of those extra cables we carry would disappear.

Let’s say you are planning a day trip. Charging is important you need to bring your cell phone and earbuds but they may have two different connectors. That’s two cables plus a battery charger, just for a quick day trip. This could all be solved if we had longer battery life but we know that’s a long way off. Solution: USB-C Standard all devices use the same connector then our children would never have to wonder why we had so many cables.

Today we don’t think about standards and how they affect us. Government agencies who set these standards are helpful when we look at the effect over time. I remember when you never knew what kind of plug was at the end of your cable. Multiple companies go together to standardize the charging output which paved the way for USB it’s in airports, cafes, homes, and schools.

I know Americans can’t live without a coffee, Starbucks is wonderful it’s always my first choice but when I need to charge. A comfortable place to sit and always an abundance of places to keep my device working. New York City has put charging stations on advertising kiosks instead of the old phone booths. It’s a little strange standing next to an electronic sign to change but a quick stay for 5-10 minutes gives you enough juice to keep you going. I have seen the benefit and for us budget-conscious travelers it’s free. Just bring your cable.

An as a budget traveler you’re always looking for something that makes it easier a standard cable to charge all my devices and a standard connector would make my life easier save me money that’s all I’m about.

Article about the European Union Standard.https://www.euronews.com/next/2021/09/26/tech-this-week-eu-to-ban-all-chargers-except-usb-c-and-netflix-s-big-new-deal

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