White Heron Golf Course in Davenport, Florida a residential community golf course.

Thoughts on the White Heron golf course

The third hole is a perfect illustration of the golf course. The third hole is an elevated tee box with water on both sides of a fairway, a creek running on the left, and a big lake on the right—this par three 200 yards to the green, straight shot with a bunker on either side. The hole showed some wear and need of tender loving care, but it made for an excellent day of golf rather than working. I would recommend this course for the budget golfer at $49 for around you can’t beat that in this area. 

Review of the front nice of the course

  • First five holes all water on the right and left side
  • Bathrooms are little gray huts around the course, perfectly positioned after the fourth hole one right of the tee box.
  • Greens continue to be very slow and unpredictable. We were hoping for improvement since it had rained; we knew there would be slowness, but the green didn’t follow the natural curves you expected. Disappointing, but we just made the best of it. When I made par on a hole from a long putt, i though i had mastered the green but was disappointed on the next green with the ball barely moving. 
  • The course needs repair; a green flag is torn and the lawn needs more patches. We did see lots of maintenance workers but couldn’t tell if that was for the residential community or the course.

White Heron Hole 7

This is a dogleg right, going over water. The tee box is elevated and has an excellent placement for three wood in the center of the fairway. Teeing off over water is a reminder to hole two.

White Heron hole 7, fairway and green.
White Heron hole 7, fairway, and green.

Back Nine of the White Heron golf course

From changing from lots of doglegs left and right, which was the pattern for the front nine, it changed in the back nine. Straight fairways follow along the main road in the community. The water seemed to follow us everywhere we went. I gave up counting how many balls we lost in the water. The back nine bunkers followed us along the fairways., I pictured one below. Accuracy matters on these 9 holes, with the roads and the water, fairways, and nature. Definitely less forgiving, we thought about the shots and tried to plan them. There were are a few greens that the bunkers are wrapped around the greens. 

White Heron golf course, orlando.
White Heron green 17, approx 75 yards from the green.

Driving Range

The driving range uses small nets as markers, which is good, but I wouldn’t try to take my driver out and test my distance. A white fence around the back seemed to enclose the area. I would be concerned if someone was walking by as I hit my golf balls.

The residents

We were on the 12th hole, hitting a shot over the water.  A guy pulled over in his car to ask if we would bet him five dollars if we got the ball over the water.  We ignored him as most people would when someone strange pulls over to talk to you. We were able to get the ball over the water with ease. He yelled from his car: “Come over here” and held out money through the window—a strange and disturbing incident.  We weren’t going to approach a strangers car, but I thought you should know, so you are being mindful.  We wanted to report it to the ranger, but there wasn’t one.  

Summary of the White Heron Golf Course

There are lots of doglegs and water and nature, including white herons on the fairways. It’s a beautiful round its all set to be a slow pace, which is great for a leisure course. We had play-through several single players to ensure the pace of play was moving. We would play again, definitely for the price.  I forgot to mention the golf cart was a pleasure to drive, comfortable seats and can really go fast.

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