Seaworld Orlando at the holidays made us smile

Seaworld Orlando, we spent time there over the 20201 holidays. It’s a great park when you are looking for a more family-friendly atmosphere with a little something that will meet everyone’s vision of an amusement park. Having a blend of shows, rides, and attractions allows everyone in your party to find something that appeals to them. It’s a great family day when you’re in Orlando, and you want to be out of the Disney parks. We enjoyed the all-day dining where you can have a meal everyone hour. You can’t beat the savings if you eat more than one meal within the park. As a budget traveler, I would consider visiting the Seaworld Orlando holidays event, and it wouldn’t be a park I would miss. We thought this park offered an experience that everyone in the family could enjoy with lots of interactive shows, exhibits, and rides. 

Shows are a highlight of the trip. 

We attended the white Christmas; an ice skating show set next to the main lake in the park; the skaters made tons of professional flips, spins, and dance moves. The songs they skated were everything from Rudolph the red noise reindeer, the first Noel and Frosty the snowman. The skaters changed their costumes regularly, which added to the mystery and magic of the event. We thought they coordinated this show perfectly since LED lights from the lake changed colors to match the costumes the skaters were wearing. You can appreciate the time these performances take to perfect their craft. The family all left talking about the coordination between the performers and the lights in the background. 

White Christmas Ice Skating

LED Tree Show

Seaworld put 30 or more Christmas trees throughout the lakefront area of the park. At dusk, they began to have a tree show every hour, which would show LED lights within the trees to coordinate with the Christmas carols they played during the show. We love Christmas lights and thought we would miss them this year, but this warmed my heart. They took lots of time and patience from the Seaworld staff that make this entertainment show come to life. Frosty the snowman was one of the songs, and it showed him on the big tree that anyone could see along the central pond of the park.

Seaworld Christmas Celebration Tasting

Seaworld has Christmas time booths during this time of year that reminded me of the at Epcot during the Food and Wine Festival. For $50, you can get ten lanyards that you can use to purchase drinks or food at any of the booths. The snacks and drinks at this event feel like you are tasting the seasons. 

Here are some of the menu items: 

Food:  Caramel Corn Snacks, Smores Christmas Cheesecake, Funnel Cakes, Lamb Chop, Lobster Mac & Cheese, Bacon & Blue Mac and Cheese, dynamite Shrimp, Pork Belly Sliders and Hot Chicken Sliders

Drinks: Coke floats (Coke and Vanilla Ice Cream), Holiday Whiskey Sour, Gingerbread Punch, Egg Nog Porter, Hot Chocolate, and Cranberry Cider.

Seaworld Attractions

If you know Seaworld Orlando, it has three major roller coasters with a fourth opening soon.  

  • The Kraken was closed when we were there it’s a standard multiple loop roller coaster. I find this to be the best at the park, with its classical lines allowing you to grasp the thrill of the coaster.
  • The third is Manta, a lying-down roller coaster; as a fan, this is the only one that I know like this in the Florida area. When you board, riders are standing than are hoisted up to a lying down position with your head facing front. It’s a great experience if you want to fly through the air; it reminds me of how skydivers feel falling through the air to earth. 

These rides gave our family the opportunity for thrills while others could enjoy other aspects of the park. It’s not the same as you get at Cedar Point in Ohio or at Busch Gardens Tampa, where their focus is just roller coasters, and this has a nice balance.

Seaworld Restaurants on All Day Dining

Voyagers Smokehouse – This was our first stop for the day. We waited in line for approximately 40 minutes, but that didn’t stop us. He tried the Smokehouse sampler, which included Brisket, two BBQ Ribs, and a Smoked Chicken. The meal was a large plate that we quickly shared among two people. The ribs had less BBQ sauce but were juicy. We were glad we only purchased one All Day Meal Deal.  


Expedition Cafe – The second stop we had was to try the Asian Flavors and food at this Cafe. We tried the Orange Chicken and Teriyaki Chicken. The Teriyaki Chicken to have more flavor with a touch of spice, whereas the Orange Chicken reminded us of a sweet and sour chicken that we get at the local Chinese restaurant. All were delighted to have this offering since it was something unexpected from a theme park.

Altitude Burgers – This third stop later in the day opened our eyes to a custom burger establishment that is perfect for those picky eaters and someone is looking for an all-American burger. The burgers are custom made in front of you on a grill; then, you can choose your options/sides. We liked the plain burger it was a 1/2 pound on a plain roll. Our hamburger was made to medium temperature with no pink inside, which allowed everyone to enjoy it without being too tough when it’s overcooked.  

Seafire Grill – This was our last stop for the day. We had the Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders and the Buffalo Wings. The wings were a perfect appetizer that we all tried; they had a nice tang that gave your mouth a little zing. The tenders were juicy and well prepared; we were impressed at how fresh they were.  

Out of all the restaurants, we recommend you go to Voyagers and Seafire Grill for a meal. They were so much better prepared than the traditional food you get at the other Orlando parks.  


Water animals. LOTS and LOTS of them. The trainer’s care these animals do to conduct performances is the only time I have been able to experience a dolphin, sea lion, penguin, or whale up close. 

When you plan your visit to Seaworld Orlando, we hope these tips will make your trip easier during the holiday season. Happy Holidays.

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