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Don’t Miss Seaworld Orlando, a day we won’t forget!

Seaworld Orlando at the holidays made us smile Seaworld Orlando, we spent time there over the 20201 holidays. It’s a great park when you are looking for a more family-friendly atmosphere with a little something that will meet everyone’s vision of an amusement park. Having a blend of shows, rides, and attractions allows everyone in …

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Best tips for Walt Disney World 50th anniversary and Food/Wine Festival

Epcot 50th anniversary and Food/Wine Festival Epcot is a fun time out with the whole family at Walt Disney World.   This park is geared toward teenagers and adults rather than younger kids.   This is a nice selling point for anyone who would like a day out at Walt Disney World where you can experience the …

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What you need to know about Disney Interactive Magic Band 101

Disney Magic Band Technology is similar to your fitness tracker Disney announced recently that they were going to release an interactive magic band to guests in 2022.   The interactive band gives customers added ability. What is the Disney magic band? In 2013, the Disney magic band was introduced. The magic band system improved the guest …