Harry Potter NYC bar

The Harry Potter Store in NYC (New York City) is open but there is alot of questions, on when to visit and additional tips. Here is our Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the wait time for Harry Potter NYC?

The wait time is on average under 2 hours. You are given a number when you arrive at the store. When your number is called, you will have 1 hour to return to the store for admittance.

Do you have to pay for Harry Potter Store NYC?

The store has lots of merchandise to purchase within the store. There is no charge for entering the store, once you enter you can spend as much time as you want exploring the different sections on the first and basement level.

Is there Butterbeer at the Harry Potter Store in New York?

Near the exit of the store there is a bar that serves Butterbeer. There is no alcohol in the beer. Its like being part of the movie.

Is the Harry Potter Store in NY crowded?

The store is less crowded then you think, since the limit the amount of people in the store at one time.

Can you personalize items in the Harry Potter Store in New York?

Yes on the basement level of the store there is an area that customizes the items from the store. There is a wait of at least an hour to have anything personalized.

Where is the Harry Potter Store in New York City?

The Harry Potter Store is located in the Flatiron district of NYC. The address is 935 Broadway, New York, NY 10010

Is there a bathroom in the Store?

Yes there is a bathroom on the basement level next to the book section.

Are there other Harry Potter Experiences in New York City?

Yes, on broadway is Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. This play is almost 4 hours with an intermission.

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