Falcons Fire is a nice relaxing course

Falcons fire is a 18 hole golf course just east of Walt Disney world, in Orlando Florida. From the course you can see the little helicopters taking visitors up over Disney World for a birds eye view of the area.

The sign up for a tee time was easy we using GolfNow. There were a number of Tee times available later in the day. We were able to get a booking for late morning at a great price with the cart included at $50 a person. We drove over and arrived 25 minutes before our tee time.

Arriving at the falcons fire course

There was a guy waiting at the bag drop, he took the bags out of the car and asked which bag was driving.  This was superb and nice.

We entered the pro shop, there was a front desk assistant and a woman putting apparel away.  The guy on the phone was being rude to to the call he received saying that he couldn’t honor a price, then when the caller said if he booked later in the day maybe he can honor that price.  I wasn’t sure what they were discussing but didn’t see pleasant.   The woman stopped what she was doing and came over to greet us.   Unfortunately she didn’t have a computer to check us in.   The guy go off the phone and checked us in.  He seemed annoyed to having to help us.

We took our checking receipt to the starter. He was very courteous and showed us where we could put. Then he said he would tell us when it’s time to tee off, but he said it should be right on time. We enjoyed the putting green, the green was slow but well kept.

Putting green
Chipping green at Falcons Fire
Chipping area

Teeing off at the first hole

At our tee time we couldn’t find the starter but meet our tee time partners at the first hole. The fairways were well kept, wide and forgiving. It’s open air with direct sun on the whole course. I couldn’t find shade expect under our golf cart.

The first hole of falcons fire golf Orlando
The first hole

The holes had numerous bunkers on every hole which made it challenging. Each holes had lots of moguls that links courses are designed to enhance play. It’s not my favorite type course but was a nice enhancement to this course. The front nine only challenge was the long par 5 that seemed to be a straight shot but the wind blowing across the fairway definitely made the ball fade unless you kept it low. I didn’t see the ball run on the fairways much due to the wet ground.

View of the beautiful scenery on Falcons Fire golf
View of the course

The course has great views and lots of water holes on the back nine. Holes 15-17 all follow a circle pond, it’s tough to Circle the lake but it was fun to play. We tried to cut over the water instead of laying up but after losing a ball to the alligators we took our penalty and laid up.

The golf carts are slow and we couldn’t figure out how to make it go faster. One fellow player explained that if you keep the gas at 3/4 way down from full Throttle it would move. After 18 holes we couldn’t figure this out. We ended up getting messages that we were 10 minutes behind play on the gps screen but our cart slowed us down ALOT. We think this caused us to be behind the estimated play time.


The 17th tee box

I would recommend this course if you are in the Disney/Orlando area, if you want to play 18 for under $50 a round. It’s in complete sun without shade,wear a hat and lots of sunblock. The most attentive staff member on the course was the Falcons Fire cart woman, she passed us at least 6 times during the round. Which was nice To make sure we had enough refreshments for the day.

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