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Choosing the right budget hotel while you are on the road can be tricky

Picking a hotel is simple, if you are looking for just a place to sleep there are many motels that offer you a comfortable experience but that is for another article. My focus here is moderate-class hotels as the go to choice when you are traveling on the road.

Road trips are now the way of life with COVID, we are now trying to save money and protect ourselves from this pandemic.  We need to be able to continue to travel with our family but find accommodations that meet our expectations. When are looking for these moderately priced hotels there are a few tips to consider.

Tip 1: Always look for free breakfast

My first search for a budget hotel is that it has to have a free breakfast either continental or buffet.   This is a great money savings experience since you almost always find something for the whole family to eat.  It’s a great start to any trip.    I have stayed at Bed and Breakfast and budget hotels once I have breakfast it always lightens my mood.  Sometimes the coffee/tea isn’t the best but it’s better than the hotels that don’t have any.

Tip 2: Forget 4 and 5 star hotels

our and five-star hotels are beautiful with well-done common areas, expensive restaurants, nice bars, and gorgeous amenities.   That all costs you more for the room which is the same 10×15 feet that you will find in a middle-class hotel.   It’s nice but when you want anything in these hotels they make it an upcharge from resort fees to $5 for a bottle of Poland spring water.

Tip 3: Follow HHR when you pick a hotel

Hampton Inn, Holiday Inn Express, and Marriot Residence Inn (HHR) are budget-friendly hotels that meet all your needs. All of these 3 chains are throughout the United States and offer free breakfast.  They are reasonably priced and mostly give you a worthwhile experience.   You can’t beat fresh and warm coffee/tea.

Hampton Inn – The Hampton inn is a Hilton brand hotel there are over 2000 of these hotels spread out over America. They offer a standard room that is pleasant, warm, customer-friendly and has free breakfast. Each hotel is different but you can’t go wrong with this chain. The Hampton Inn, located in Wells Maine offers Congdon’s Doughnuts family-owned homemade donuts as an option included in their breakfast selection. This is one of the ways this chain sets them apart from others.

Hampton Inn Express moderate priced hotel with a standard rooms.

Holiday Inn Express – The Holiday inn Express IHG brand hotel. This is a is modern new hotel brand, that has over 2000 independently owned hotels throughout the United States. These offer a standard hotel with rooms with a queen or two beds. I find this hotel always to go above and beyond when you check in. They always have 24/7 hot coffee or tea and a free hot breakfast.

Holiday Inn Express Hotel a perfect moderately priced hotel that has coffee/tea all the time.
Holiday Inn Express

Residence Inn – The Residence Inn is part of the Marriott brand. They market it to travelers who want longer stays, for 3 days to a week. I find them to be great even for one night since they offer a hot breakfast sometimes a cook to order eggs as well as a breakfast buffet. They offer studio rooms with a small kitchen which is great for us budget travelers, we can put our food or liquids from our cars in the refrigerator for the night.

Marriott Residence Inn

Please remember you can’t go wrong with HHR for a moderate-priced hotel. You will always hit your mark.

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